The Revolution Starts Here!



Smile my friend, and the system won’t suspect a thing.

Smile and you’ll achieve far more than by being menacing.

Smile and you can lull them all into a false sense of security.

Then you can hit them with all you’ve got.Your varied levels of ability.

I used to get angry i realized i was wrong.

Now i crack jokes often and sing songs.

It’s feasible that such outward signs of jollity.

Could undermine the threat of a brutal army…

Of “Shrinks” ,”Pigs” , Bankers and M.P’s

Smilers are the new brand of revolutionaries

Smiling my way

Through every passing day

Then they’ll think there’s nothing  at all wrong with me.

Take me off the cursed medication and i’ll be free.

As free as a bird.

The final word is with our sponsor………Mr.Happy

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