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Compassion In Nursing(You’re Having A Laugh)



The psychotic psychiatric nurse.

Who’s attitude makes things a whole lot worse…on the ward.

The psychotic psychiatric nurse

We bully the patients and don’t like visitors.

The psychotic psychiatric nurse.

Nasty shits who take no prisoners.

Compassion in nursing….you’re having a laugh!

“Jensen wash your socks and have a bath!”

Always on my f*****g case

Only at ease when they put you in your place.

Compassion in nursing….that’s absurd

Compassion in nursing .You can’t spell the word.

I have hated nurses in stages.

Like social workers you deserve shit wages!

Say No To The Brand



We must put an end to branding cattle.

Getting the message across is half the battle.

Branding cattle

is so cruel.

Branding cattle

Is not cool.

Go viral make a stand.

Just say no to the brand.

The City Cleaning Team



It’s 7 a.m the street sweepers.

Go about their daily business.

Kebab wrappers, Fag packets, Bottles of Beer.

It’s 7.30. so glad the street sweepers are here.

The binmen will be along soon.

Whistling  a happy tune.

As they take the cities garbage away.

It’s all going on outside my window today.

As i relax on the sofa.

In my lounge, i am a loafer.

Unlike those busy men and women

Who keep our capital so clean.

The Cow Man



Aelbert Cuyp painted Dutch landscapes and somehow….

In the foreground there would always be a cow…..(Or 2)

Aelbert Cuyp was the cow man.

Of his art, i am a fan.

Aelbert Cuyp raised a few eyebrows…

In the Art world with his paintings of cows.

His painting style, you could say, was unique.

Was his passion for cows, in fact, “tongue in cheek”.

Who is to say?

I never knew him anyway.

When The Bridge Fell



When the bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy.

So many people died, more’s the pity.

Many more left homeless.

With a few possessions, much stress.

The government is to blame, yes!

When the bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy.

Such horror on the faces of the people on t.v

When the bridge collapsed in Genoa

They searched the rubble for survivors.

When the bridge fell in Genoa.

Citizens vented their anger.

When the bridge collapsed in Genoa i nearly wept,

For, in a lovely B and B in Genoa, I once slept.

I felt for the good folk of Genoa.

I’m sure in time they will recover

The day the bridge fell in Genoa.

Is etched on the people’s hearts forever.

The day the bridge collapsed in Genoa.

Brutal Streets


_98569166_knife_gun_crime_ldn_historic_640-ncInspector Andy Bannister appealing for guns to be handed over the a amnesty.

On the streets they’ll attack you with hammers.They’ll stab you with knives.

Gun crime on the rise. Dirt cheap are human lives.

These are dangerous times.

Someone must answer for these heinous crimes.

London has become a war zone.

Mugged for your mobile phone.

And what are the government doing ’bout it? f*** all.

They don’t have to worry, they’re protected in Whitehall.

Protected from harsh reality.

Another wounded patient at London A and E.

Brutal streets, chaos on the Estates.

It doesn’t pay to be out late.

Brutal cities

in the U.K

Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham

Glasgow, london, Birmingham.

Brutal streets

Brutal streets.

Feel the heat.

Brutal streets.