Monthly Archives: August 2018

Golden Years



“Tarka The Otter” in a bygone day.

Now my childhood has melted away.

But still i recall you….

with fondness and “Black Beauty” too.

Tarka and Beauty

Fantastic t.v

Thanks for sharing your adventures with me…

“Tarka The Otter” and “Black Beauty”.

Museums Of The World



The giant fly in the Hygiene museum, Dresden.Worth the entrance fee alone.

South Kensington’s Science museum. From the Motor car to the Telephone.

If it’s nostalgia you crave, the place to be seen…

Is the Children’s museum, Bethnal green.

A Train set to the first “Beano”.

Teddy Bears and “Subbuteo”.

The Earthquake museum in Tokyo…

Is a place i would simply have to go.

The Transport museum Krakow, Madame Tussauds, Berlin.

Museums of the world make life so excitin’.

Pistol Packin’ Pete



Pistol packin’ Pete.

Headin’ for your street.

Bullets fly from his gun.

In the “Spaghetti Western”.

Then when he’s mowed a few critters down.

Back on his horse to the next town.

Pistol packin’ Pete…It’s what he does best.

It’s no fluke he’s survived this long in the Wild West.

In the Saloon bar some cheat pulls an ace from up his sleeve.

Pete pulls out his pistol, as with the kitty he threatens to leave.

He blows him away then rides off into the night.

Pistol packin’ Pete.To movie goers, he delights.

Places To Be Seen


Halle-Berry-in-Leather-Pants--03-662x862EXCLUSIVE - Johhny Depp Shows Off His Rings and Tattoos

The sandwich bars of Milan.

To Promenade D’Anglais, Nice.

Notting Hill, Covent Garden

And the “Left Bank” in Paris.

Places to be seen : Castro

in downtown San francisco.

“Dimitrou’s Jazz Alley”, Seattle.

Not being afraid to blend in is half the battle.

Old Trafford when United host city.

Beverly Hills, where everyone’s so pretty.

You know all the places to be seen , you smoothie.

Cause after all life is like a movie.