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Untitled Poem (Part 10,000,000,000)



“This is Rocket Science!” Mike announced ecstatically.

At N.A.S.A’s headquarters, then he downed a mug of coffee….

Laugh Away The Blues


Laugh away the blues.

Laugh away the blues.

Put on a Mr>Bean d.v.d and you just can’t lose.

Laugh away the blues.

Laugh away the blues.

The Ogden Nash book of odes, is the one i choose.

Laugh away the blues. Sit back with a bowl of popcorn.

And watch “Shrek” wreak havoc, you’ll feel so glad that you were born.

Laugh away the blues.

Laugh away the blues.

Watch Jane run for the bus in Platform shoes….

Like it was the 70’s

When the merriment did not cease…

So many great t.v comedies…

like “Mind Your Language”.

“Rising Damp”, “Porridge”.

Laugh away the blues.

Laugh away the blues.

Turn off the evening news.

And laugh away the blues….

with Garfield the cat or Billy Connelly.

Set aside a night for sheer jollity.

Laugh away the blues.

Laugh away the blues.

The Crystal Maze



The Crystal Maze, The Crystal Maze stretches teams to the limits.

Here in Medieval World. A physical game, just 2 minutes.

Failure means  a lock in. The Aztec World next.

This game’s purely mental, but just as complex.

When you have your crystals in hand,  head for the Crystal Dome.

How many gold tickets you have left over? What prize you take home….

It remains to see.

It makes for great t.v.

The Crystal Maze.

The Crystal Maze.

S.E.T.I , Not Yet-i



In the deserts of Australia, you’ll find S.E.T.I

Searching for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, maybe.

In the deserts of “OZ” you’ll find S.E.T.I with their telescope.

Pointed out into the stars, clinging on to some forlorn hope….

That one day they may hit the jackpot, see.

At the remote Aussie outpost of S.E.T.I

But i don’t see it happening any time soon.

Pardon the pun, but if it did , they’d be “Over the Moon”.