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Angelique, Angelique

yours is a quite stunning physique.

Angelique Kerber

former Grand slam winner.

Yes, Angelique

you may have reached your peak.

But never mind.

your film star looks still blow men’s minds.

And many a lesbian too….

will lust over you.

Angelique ‘though in recent years you’ve gone off the pace.

Playing catch up to Wozniacki and Halep.I still think you’re ace!

Angelique Kerber serving up a treat….

for your legions of fans.Believe you can compete….

with the very best.

For sheer sex appeal, it’s no contest.

You make women’s tennis essential viewing.

In a perfect world, you, i would be screwing !

Angelique Kerber

Red hot tennis star.

You’ve Gotta Feel For Peru



2 super Peruvian strikes, sadly the end of their World cup dream.

Good riddance to the racist Aussies. Not one Aborigine in their team.

Peruvian fans colourful and loud.

Can return home to Lima proud…

of what their heroes did achieve.

Peru wore their hearts on their sleeve.

And although elimination at the group stage ‘aint nice

If you miss chances, like they did against Denmark, you pay the price.

Lessons to be learned

should they return…in Qatar

Questions Requiring Answers



I wonder, can i buy a sharp suit in Tie (Thai) land?

Can Dave get a brand new Audi for under 50 grand?

Is a dodgy Duck tor a “Quack”?

And are Southgate’s men in for a setback?

The optimistic english man would say no.

But then what on Earth does he know?

Will post Brexit talks go on forever?

And is buying shares in TSB clever?

Will the heatwave last longer than  a few days?

Was the bunjy jump  no more than a passing phase?

Answers on a postcard please….



Classic 80’s Rock Video’s


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Classic 80’s rock video’s

Cher wearing hardly any clothes.

The brunette sex siren.

In Alice Cooper’s “Poison”

“Her name is Rio”….Duran Duran’s  yacht.

Bound for a Sri Lankan beach, where no doubt it was hot.

Ultravox “Vienna”, U.2 “Desire”

Billy Joel  “We Didn’t Start The Fire”

Aboriginal romance…

In David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”

Guns ‘n’ Roses “Sweet Child ‘o’ Mine”

To end this collection .Mighty fine!