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Royal Scum Get Wed




The sycophantic English have fallen in love with the royals

all over again and i don’t think Meghan Markle’s beautiful.

There’s more attractive women than her on the bus.

Royal wedding what’s all the fuss?

Gays And The Church


downloadLesbians Kissinganti-gay-vatican

“You dirty homosexual”

“Cast you into the fires of Hell!”

“Gays are sinners”, say we

of the church heirachy.

Where’s your famous compassion you preach of?

Instead of hatred you should show the queers love.

Gays and the church.

Gays and the church.


Black Cloud




Depression is like a black cloud blocking out the sun

Depression can affect anyone.

Black or white, gay or straight, rich or poor.

Depression , a major problem the west can’t ignore.

Loneliness is hard. loneliness is tough

Of loneliness i’ve had enough.

But i don’t want Prozac.

Or Seuroxat, Jack!

The “Shrinks” think they have the answer

Medication is not the elixir ….of life

their drugs cause me strife

And so the black cloud continues to hover over me.

Raining down constantly.

Outside it’s summer

But in my mind it’s winter.

Maybe if i go out for a walk

I may bump into a woman who just wants to talk.

And that could lead to a cafe meal then other things.

And before you know it my heart it will sing

Heidi And Me




I was on a Bern bound train….a swiss miss did flirt….

with me when she noticed my f.c Basel shirt.

Her name was Heidi .She was a stunning brunette.

The boredom of Geneva she quickly made me forget.

So we got off at the fine city of Bern.

I told her i had some serious “dough” to earn.

An interview with a swiss lifestyle magazine.

Heidi met up with me later.My new found beauty queen.

She said “I’m in Bern to visit my brother”

“His name’s Karl” I said”Will you be my lover?”

She said “I thought you’d never ask”

I made sure i was up to the task

In her brother’s spare room we made love all night long.

Next morning the radio played her favourite song.

Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”

We got dressed and went to the mall.

I bought her a “Wrangler” jacket.

It looked good on her and didn’t cost  a packet.

50% off in a sale.

To strike the right chord with Heidi, i couldn’t fail.

We went to an art gallery….

next to see Giacometti.

She hugged me tight and whispered in my ear

“How did the interview go, Stephen, my dear?”

I said “Just fine…i will be on the front page of next month’s issue”

She said “I didn’t know you were an artist too”

“Is that why you brought me here”

I said “of course”  and then we downed a beer…

in the gallery restaurant

Heidi told me Karl’s an autistic savant.

“I love him to bits and you too”

“2 special men in my life i’ll stick to like glue”

“I would do anything for my brother”

“And as for you, i couldn’t wish for another”

Soon Heidi

and me

were sharing an apartment in Paris.

Twice a year we would spend a weekend at Karl’s place.

Heidi became an actress.She won a “Palm d’or” in Cannes.

I joined her down there . The 2 of us got a nice tan.

And when it was over in Paris we celebrated.

At “Vegebowl” she was thrilled.i was elated…

For, my agent phoned me

on that sunny friday.

“I’ve got a high profile exhibition….

for you , next January, in central London”

A life of sheer bliss…

for me and Heidi at home in Paris.

Her career meant she often wasn’t home.

And mine too, but we’d communicate by phone.

And as they say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

We’d meet up now and then and go for a wander….down by the Seine.


Mind The Gap



The gap between men and women footballer’s pay is a chasm.

If this was a fair and honest world it wouldn’t be allowed to happen.

Steph.Houghton earns £16,000 a year.With the sports minister she should have a chat.

There  are people flippin’ burgers at Mac-shit who are on more money than that.

We should recognize the talents of Jordan Nobbs and co.

A company car, an Audi at least and  a lot more “Dough”

Here Is The News….




Mad dog Israel at it again

Donald Trump’s U.S released them off their chain

The opening of the U.S.A embassy

in Jerusalem adding insult to injury

Life in Gaza is tough

Time to tell the jews “Enough is Enough”

The poor Palestinians suffering continues.

And i must find some way of avoiding the news.

Cause it’s frightening as Morrissey once said.

And the media can mess with your head.

So spend time doing something productive instead

Like watching cartoons

Or listening to catchy tunes………..on my ipod