The Artist And His Model


il_fullxfull.581863411_qgnwreclining-female-figure-painting1.0x0 (1)1.0x0

Be it Modigliani or Gaugin.

Artists have always painted woman.

Or sketched her with no clothes on.

Be it lying on a sofa or straddling a chair.

“I’m sick of doing bowls of fruit! Won’t you model for me Claire”

“O’k i will.I need the cash, you see…

“i have to buy books for Uni”

For several sessions she did pose

in a state of undress.

When he’d finished he gave her a Rose

and his email address.

David’s exhibition

went down a storm at Tate Britain.

As for Claire, she became an overnight star.

Autograph hunters as she filled up her car…

At her local branch of Esso.

Or shopping for groceries in Soho.

Dave and Claire got married, how quaint.

And had 2 teenage boys…one who could paint.

The other played for Leyton Orient.

And that’s no disappointment!

Clare became an art dealer.She and Dave moved to Portugal.

David’s a millionaire now .on the streets of The Algarve he walks tall.

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