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Loyalty At A Price



There’s such a thing as misguided loyalty.

Like the butlers and cooks who work for Royalty.

I know i wouldn’t do their job.

Prince Charles and Prince Philip are lazy slobs.

So are Prince Edward and Prince Andrew.

Find an occupation or join the “Dole ” queue!

Give The Rats A Chance(an ode partly inspired by an Alice Cooper song)



Give the Rats what they want.Decomposed Cheese.

We love the Rats for they spread disease.

Give the Rats what they want.

Give the Rats what they want.

Let them live in your basement.

Have a soul.

Don’t call Pest control.

Give the Rats back their freedom.

Raid the Laboratory and liberate ’em.

Better yet.

Keep one as a pet.

Give the Rats what they want.

To reject them would heap disappointment…

on our furry friends.

Give the Rats what they want ….they’ll thank you in the end.

Jim And His Cash


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Our Jim

Was quite dim.

On a roller coaster of emotions, he was carried away.

Jim, a Pools winner, fell for a “Golddigger” one day.

He met her in “The White Swan”.His mate Mike…

tried to talk him out of it.for he knew what she was like.

“She’ll take you to the Cleaners” “Good, i need a new suit”

Not Sketchley’s but a divorce court.Now our JIm’s destitute.

Should’ve listened to his pal.

Not fallen for that dodgy gal.

Who just left him broken hearted.

“A fool and his money are soon parted”

Miss World



Last time i watched Miss World i thought wow!

The final questions are hard. Winner takeĀ  a bow.

And oh did i forget to mention.

You really impressed in the swimwear section.

A huge t.v audience worldwide, to drive the feminists bezerk.

And for the winning “Babe” a year ahead of charitable work.

Miss World 2017

Miss India, her parents beam…

from ear to ear.

See you next year.

The Gift Of Life



The gift of life is better than any gift under the xmas tree.

The gift of life is better than the keys to a Lamborghini.

I’ve been to the best University of all.

The University of LIfe.I’ve walked it’s cherished halls.

For nearly 50 years.

And there’s no reason i should fear my peers.

The gift of life, the gift of life…

is worth celebrating, ‘though i have known strife.

The gift of life, the gift of life…

don’t come in fancy wrapping paper.

The gift of life.

Stunning “Babe” i’lls ee you at my place later.

The gift of life.

The gift of life.