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Joan Collins wears fur.

So does Lady Gaga.

Chelsea f.c owner Roman Abramovich.

And Mariah Carey .You all make me sick!

Lion Gives Chase



Lion gives chase.

Moving at quite a pace.

through the desert plains.

The Vultures feast on the Deers remains.

Nature in action in Africa.

Witnessed by David Attenborough.


Give The Rats A Chance(an ode partly inspired by an Alice Cooper song)



Give the Rats what they want.Decomposed Cheese.

We love the Rats for they spread disease.

Give the Rats what they want.

Give the Rats what they want.

Let them live in your basement.

Have a soul.

Don’t call Pest control.

Give the Rats back their freedom.

Raid the Laboratory and liberate ’em.

Better yet.

Keep one as a pet.

Give the Rats what they want.

To reject them would heap disappointment…

on our furry friends.

Give the Rats what they want ….they’ll thank you in the end.