Monthly Archives: February 2018

Doggies Doing It With Style



Doggies doing it with style

Even the saddest face gave way to a smile.

Doggies doing it with panache.

To see that live i’d pay hard cash.

Doggies doing it with style.

The funniest thing i’ve seen on the net in a  while.

Doggies doing it with style.

Doggies doing it with style.

Second Hand Books



Books on D.I.Y

Books on Chinese stir fry.

Books on how to be  a better lover.

Books with a glossy or tatty cover.

Books on Ice Hockey.

Books on Rugby.

Books on Politics, books on Philately.

Books on great artists from Van Gogh to Bridget Riley.

Books on pot plants.

Novels on Romance.

Or Espionage.

Books concise or books large.

Some classic book of black and white Photography.

Or a brilliant film star’s biography.

Books on Pottery.

Books on Poetry.

Explore this world of ours far and wide.

With a wonderful selection of Travel Guides.

Second hand books.

Won’t you take a look.

Put A Little Love In Your Heart



As Jackie DeShannon once said “Put a little love in your heart”

Smiling at your neighbour in the morning is a good place to start.

A little kindness goes a long way.

With  a joke you can really make someone’s day.

Or a hug when they are traumatised.

Loosen your pocket of change for a busker, get wise!

“Put a little love in your heart”

“Put a little love in your heart”

The Football Match



It’s raining hard.The score’s nil nil.

Then suddenly some real skill.

He’s beaten one .He’s beaten two.

Now what’s he going to do.

Will he pass or even shoot.

The angle is quite acute.

His shot has beaten the keeper’s dive

The crowd has suddenly come alive.

It’s what they’ve waited for.

For an hour or even more.

The home fans go home happy.The away fans go home sad.

And the referee reflects on the game he’s had.