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Displaced refugee.

From some war torn country.

He’ll settle in France.

if he gets the chance.

Don’t turn him away.

Don’t turn him away.

If he can stay

he’ll work his way.

He risked his life to reach your shores.

His plight you simply can’t ignore.

Displaced refugee.

From some war torn country…

don’t give up hope.

Believe you can cope.

Don’t turn him away.

Don’t turn him away.

The refugee.

The refugee.

Don’t turn away the refugee.

Where’s your sense of humanity?

The refugee.

The refugee.





“Israel is a nation i do not recognize”

“Israel is not a nation in my eyes” he said.

When he sees the Israeli flag he sees red.

Palestine is after all his homeland.

It’s time for him and his brothers to make a stand.

“Israel you can erect your walls”

“But you can’t imprison us all”

“Israel you may have your marauding tanks”

“But acknowledge the state of Israel, no thanks”

Israel, Israel

One day it fell.

But alas it was all just a dream.

He still observes the soldiers daily routine.

Israel yours is a nation

of illegal occupation.

If it is even a nation at all.

The Show Must Go On


Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leads her first cabinet meeting of the new year following a reshuffle at 10 Downing Street, London

Teresa May is busy let’s not forget…

Reshuffling her cabinet.

Teresa May do you have any regrets

as you promote a few more muppets!

Teresa May…the papers will have their say.

I’d rather distance myself from it all anyway.

Teresa May is once again headline news.

And that’s the life the attention seeker does chose.

I find it so f****** boring.

If it wasn’t for all the caffeine i’ve drunk i would be snoring.

Teresa May,  Teresa May

basking in the spotlight, say.

Teresa May, Teresa May

I wish you and your cronies would just go away.

Teresa May, Teresa May

that’s really all that i have to say.


A Job In Retail



I think I would rather face a year in jail.

Than work a single week in retail.

The hours are long.The pay ‘aint great.

A job in retail is to suffocate.

I think I would end up rather weak and pale.

If I had to toil away my days in retail.

The hours are long.The pay it ‘aint great.

and it’s hard to see how shop work could stimulate.

To work in retail…

to me, is to fail….

My heart goes out

to the shop worker… doubt….

you could do better.

Maybe one day your boat will come in

Yes, you could do better

One day your boat will come in

and you’ll never have to return to those dark days of retail again.