A Break From Poetry (Jokes)



He thought he was important

in fact he was impotent!!

The submarine making firm went under….

The painting and decorating firm went to the wall.

(O.k the last 2 were xmas cracker standard it gets better)

One man to his wife “Your snoring in bed is driving me mad”

Wife “Well your farting in bed is driving me to drink!”

One man jumps into the Mersey….

Another scouser comes running by and shouts out to him “hey can i have your job!?”

Marriage is not a word it’s a sentence!

Man to his rather simple friend “What’s the difference between an elephant’s ass and a post box?”

“Dunno”. “Well in that case i’d better post this parcel myself”

One man in a dirty raincoat flashed at 2 nuns

One nun had a stroke… the other couldn’t reach!



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