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Brutal Youth


bnp-logodouble decker

Neo Nazi youth, swastika tattooed on his forehead.

With his gang patrolling the estates of Plumstead.

Brutal, disenchanted white males spreading racial hatred.

Black boy you’d better run, if we catch you you’ll wish you were dead.

It’s a brutal youth.

And that’s the cold hard truth.

It’s a brutal youth.

And that’s the cpld hard truth.

Maria And Boticelli



Her name was Maria i knew that she was cool.

For, she told me she dropped out of art school.

And though her bedsit was smelly.

I loved her etching of Boticelli.

She had big debts she had to sell her telly.

Still she held on to her sketch of Boticelli.

“It’ll be worth something one day” she said.

“And i’ll be in the black, no longer in the red”

Her name was Maria i knew that she was cool.

She sold it for 50 grand, she’s nobodies fool.

Then she painted Leonardo

In oils from a photo

That went for half a million.

The 2 of us quids in…

We went on a world cruise.

Maria had banished those bedsit blues.

And moved to a more upmarket address.

One night on the sofa i said “I have to confess….

I’m an artist too”

she said “of course i can help you”.

Maria and i went on a spending spree.

B.M.W convertable, Bang Olufsen t.v

We lived together except for the odd row in complete harmony.

And we owe it all to her charcoal impression of Boticelli.





Harembe, he was a hero.

His thoughts were to save the child, so

As the boy fell off a branch into the moat.

He tried valiantly to keep the boy afloat.

That we keep such great beasts in captivity.

Is bordering on insanity.

Still Cincinnati zoo won’t close down.

And blame the parents if their boy had drowned.

For their behaviour was nothing short of reckless.

Harembe’s death somewhat pointless.

Still, even in passing he achieves cult status.

’tis the end

For you my friend.



All Eyes On The Kremlin



The scene Moscow, the event, the football World cup draw

Much speculation, who will England get? 8 groups of 4

Italy not qualified for the first time since 58

Those who get so called easy groups back home celebrate

Those who get the group of death

Curse F.I.F.A under their breath

One thing’s for sure Sepp Blatter

will be getting even fatter

On all those posh dinners laid on.

The World cup draw on our televisions…