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The Hottest Lesbians In Sport (Part 1)


pernille with zlatan


harder (Miss)

I wonder is Pernille Harder the greatest striker to grace the women’s game.

As she mesmerises opposition defences, flowing, her long blonde mane.

Her mom and dad must be so proud.

A brace to thrill the Wofsburg crowd.

Pernille Harder such finesse.

Pernille Harder : out to impress…

Which she does with the minimum of fuss.

Social media heroine cult status.

Alas, for those blokes who fantasize….

about her perfect torso, lovely thighs….

highlighted in her darting runs….

in the Euros on our televisions….

It seems this hot totty’s a lesbian!

Oh well

Still think you’re swell….Pernille.

For Every Battle, There’s The Battle Weary




You took to the streets to fight the good fight.

Armed with a placard, then you collapse on my couch at night.

For every battle , there’s the battle weary.

Your’e the activist i can’t resist, Marie.

The struggles you face on a day to day basis make me weep.

But you look so beautiful when you’re asleep.

I can tell you now , you have my support.

I’ll even pay your fine should it end up in court.

The system needs a swift kick from a D.M in the shins.

They say you’re a criminal.But you’re not guilty of anythin’

Before we know it, it’s morning.

It crept up on us without warning.

A mug of herbal tea.Then another day’s protesting.

I’m here with my felt tip pens. A banner, i’m designing.

Just for you, Marie.

Cause i love you, baby.

You’ll be outside Santander bank with a few friends making a stand.

When the Police show up they’ll no doubt take command…

of the situation.

Carted off in a lawman’s van.

But i’ll visit you in jail.

Every week without fail.

And when you’re released, Marie…

we’ll take off somewhere.

For a relaxing vacation.

Living without a care.

I realize i must take care of my baby.

For every battle, there’s the battle weary.

For every battle, there’s the battle scarred.

I’ll massage you, Marie when times are hard.

For every battle, there’s the battle weary.

Must take care of my girl, Marie.

For every battle, there’s the battle weary.

For every battle, there’s the battle weary.

Be it “Save the Whale” or C.N.D.

For every battle, there’s the battle weary.

I’ll always be there for you, Marie.

Cause for every battle, there’s the battle weary.

The Chinese Model



chinese model

500 million people helped out of poverty.

High speed trains…cheap and comfortable.

Rampant human rights abuses and animal cruelty.

Flawed is the Chinese model.

If China has designs on becoming a super power

They need to invest in compassion, not just infrastructure.

Otherwise they have spectacularly failed.

For what use is 80 airports if brutality prevails.

A.S.B.O Britain







You had a curry last night Pete.

Why did it have to end up on the street?

A drunken night out with the boys.No doubt it makes you feel smart.

I was born in this country and i tell you it breaks my heart.

This kind of anti social behaviour….

Would not be tolerated in Europe, just here.

The police turn a blind eye.

They say they’ve got bigger fish to fry.

And what about all those boy racers night and day.

Sometimes i feel ashamed to be a citizen of the U.K.