U.S.A And Communism


russiagod over communism


Communism and the U.S.A

Blast those yellow “Reds” away!

They’re obsessed with communism in the U.S.A

But is communism such a bad thing, anyway.

Not in it’s purest form.

But, for yanks, hating commies is the norm.

To Americans, commie bashing is cool

Yet still, they pledge allegiance to the flag at school.

If an all American beer guzzling dad

found a “red” hiding in his garage, he’d go mad.

Chasing him down the street with a gun

Would be his insane idea of fun.

Communism and the U.S.A

An issue that’s never far away

And it won’t be settled forever and a day

Communism and the U.S of A….


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