Why The Poor Will Always Be With Us


download (2)food-crisis-in-ethiopia0317ee85afd4cd6bb688c6dc515b35d4--idi-amin-crazy-peopleimages

Some nations are swimming in oil

Others have no assets at all.

Other than land that’s been stripped bare.

This world is corrupt it just aint fair.

The poor, they have far too many kids it’s seems

But in Africa most won’t live to fulfil their dreams.

Others are fleeing persecution from some rogue state.

Justice for those who’s lives war did devestate.

Like in Myangmar

Formally Burma.

Even the most glorious

Optimist amongst us.

Cannot  surely comprehend.

A life where suffering has come to an end.

Alas there is no such thing as justice.

And so the poor will always be amongst us

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