Aikaido’s Dream



An ode about Aikaido Kawasaki.

An accountant in the 17th Century.

in distant Japan.

A frustrated man.

One night he broke down

in a bar in a rural town.

“Double entry bookkeeping is so f****** boring i could cry”

“Rather than die of boredom, i’d like to die on the battlefields, a Samurai”

“Be a hero…

not a zero”

A nobleman’s daughter by the name of 50 revs Suzuki

Walked into the bar and the 2 of them downed saki.

“I was outside.I heard your anguished scream”

“I think i can help you fulfil your dream”

“My father Haito trains young Samurai”

“Up in the mountains under a cloudy sky”

Aikaido turned to 50 revs and said “If i were….

A victorious Samurai Warrior….

would i win your hand”

“Of course!” “Well that would be grand”

So off he trekked the next day.

Into the hills far away.

Haito took him under his wing.

And he didn’t forget anything….

that he learned.

Much respect he earned.

As he proved to be an all conquering Samurai.

And he returned home resplendent, catching 50 revs eye.

This glamorous couple were married next morn.

And unto them, a baby boy, Alex, was born

To carry on the legacy of his dear old dad.

For, at accountancy, it turned out, he wasn’t half bad!

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