Diana The Rebel


diana death.png
Diana was a reluctant princess
but Diana was loyal.
Diana was a rebel.She never wanted to be a
Old jug ears was cheating on her
With hideous Camilla.
Diana will be remembered for campaigning against landmines.
Her love of Dire Straits,Elton John and learning how to “Sign”.
However,Diana was a rebel.
For the Queen she was a source of trouble.
Prince Phillip decided one day he’d had enough.
Nasty Phillip chairman of the fremason’s had
her bumped off.
Dodi Alfayed perished in that Paris tunnel as well.
Diana pregnant with a muslim’s child imagine the scandal.
Mohammed Al Fayed he knew the truth.
When he found out he hit the roof.
And so a chapter closes on Dodi and Diana.
Played out in the international media.
But i for one, never believed that it was a drunken driver.
Or a chasing pack of “Paparazzi” on mopeds either.
And we all recall where we were when we
heard the news the next day.
Imagine if she had survived what she would have had to say.
For, that was Diana’s problem.
A tad too outspoken.
Diana,the rebel,ever the reluctant princess.
Happier in t-shirt and jeans than a tiara and a dress.
To Charlie she was faithfull and loyal.
But Diana never wanted to be a royal…princess diana casual


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