Monthly Archives: August 2017

The Waterloo Skateboarders



The Waterloo skateboarders let free

With cans of spray paint, eye catching graffiti

Brightening up otherwise drab walls in South London

The Waterloo skateboarders on a mission

The Waterloo skateboarders play their part

The Waterloo skateboarders recreating comic art

The Waterloo skateboarders

The Waterloo skateboarders…..

Day Of Reckoning



Carlos the Jackal you revelled in your notoriety

If there is a hell you will suffer it for eternity

And those men who brought you to justice will receive the highest honour bestowed

Carlos the Jackal, in your reign of terror, on Europe’s streets, blood flowed

Carlos the Jackal

Thoroughly evil

One day you’ll be 6 feet underground

Worm fodder.For, what goes around comes around…..