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The Best Of British Cinema


FILM :  Picture shows Peter Sellers (died 07/1980)download

Pride: Lesbians and gays support the miners

United against a common foe….Maggie Thatcher

Billy Liar
Perpetual dreamer

Johnny English and the sequel

The northern gritty drama Kes has no equal

Kathy Come Home, Dr.No

Passport To Pimlico

The Third Man, Carry On Screaming, Brighton Rock, Quadrophenia

Blow up, Whisky Galore, Goodbye Mr.Chips, the Lady Killers

Mister Bean’s Holiday, Animal Farm, 1984

The best of british cinema leave you coming back for more

If Looks Could Thrill



A Fraulein called Claudia i met  on a train platform in Cologne

Soon we we were chatting on the late night carriage all alone

Her long mane and flawless skin, if looks could thrill

On the Art Nouveau streets of Munich’s Schwabing she used to dwell

I said “I’ll bet you had some cool adventures there”

Such beauty. in the presence of something rare

She said “Would you like a look…

at my sketch book

I said “These illustrations Claudia ¬†really are fab”

We chatted all the way to Stuttgart.she had the gift of the gab

Claudia was stunning and quite the intellectual

The next morning we were showering together in a 3 Star hotel

Then we stopped off at a cafe and went to a Stuttgart home game

Saw them beat Hamburg .I knew my life would never be the



2 years on we’re having great fun still

Me and Claudia, who’s looks could thrill

The Success Gene



Every Entrepreneur’s got it

They started from scratch now they profit

The success gene comes into play

It’s part of their d.n.a

The success gene, the success gene

A list Hollywood stars, not has beens

The success gene comes into play

It’s part of their d.n.a

Stars of sport pushed to the limit

The success gene, they’re blessed with it

As some one who has never tasted success

I have to say that i am quite envious

But maybe one day i can change that loser routine

And i’ll be able to say that i too, have the success gene