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From Grandstand To Standing Up For Truth



An oddball or a genius : David Icke

His view of the world i have to say i like

David Icke ex goalie you have your eye on the ball

One day no doubt , you will expose them all

Freedom of speech is indeed a wonderful thing

Thousands head to your lectures for the sense of clarity you bring….

to their lives.And you are so right my learned friend

The royals are reptiles .the truth will out in the end

David Icke, his views you may or may not like

But you can’t shut him up .David “Step up to the mic”

And while his books still sell like hot cakes

David Icke has got what it takes.


Le Havre


Le Havre 2D Pack shot_web

Dead pan comedies are your thing

Your movies make my heart sing

Aki Kaurismaki, Aki Kaurismaki

As synonnymous with Helsinki

As Nokia and Saunas and Finn crisp bread

A genius.Enough said

It Could Happen To You



Chet Baker fell from an Amsterdam window to his death in 88

To live the life of a drug addict in and out of jail t’was his fate

But lets best remember him as a trumpeter and singer who was  great

Chet Baker a life well lived

Chet baker so much he did give….to this world

Chet Baker may you rest in peace