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The Stunning Bookworm



You’re the most attractive bookworm i’ve ever met

From Victor Hugo to the struggles of the suffragettes

And Moliere, Dickens, Shakespeare you’ve read them all

Whereas i’ve read the sleeve notes of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

Even your name is beautiful….Sylvie

You’re often found in The British Library

When you’re not channel hopping Eurostar

A chance for you to catch up on Alexander Dumas

“I’ll distract your attention by asking you if you would like to share……….

My croissant with jam”

“Je T’adore madam”

Then i got a glimpse of her underwear

Her stocking tops red

Racey in bed

In my bag i had A Beano annual.i offered it to her

Soon the whole train carriage echoed to the sound of her laughter

They say if you can make a woman laugh you’re halfway there

to getting her in the sack i mean, in the romantic Paris night air

2 years later and we’re dating still

She works in a bookshop in Le Bastille

I’m creating works of art that are selling like hot cakes on the internet

For her 30th birthday i bought a Thesaurus for my favourite brunette

Sylvie and me

In Gay Paris……

Having fun

End of chapter one


Voyage Through Celluloid(Part 2)



“The 100 year old man who climbed out a window and disappeared”.Cinematic gold

“My life as a courgette” the adventures panning out of a troubled 7 year old

Sibling rivalry and wierd science in “Men and Chicken”

“The man from London” much suspense, the plot thickens

“Le diner de cons” a sure fire winner

Invite an idiot home for dinner

“Cycling with Moliere” personalities clash

Delivered by the director with a certain panache

Finally “Shut up!” .brutal gangster Jean Reno on the run

With chatterbox Gerard Depardieu. bound to be fun




The Trivago Woman



Trivago woman, i’d love to whisk you away

To some 3 star hotel room in downtown L.A

Prague or Lisbon

Stockholm, Melbourne

We could watch the sports channel or just admire the view

Shower together, pig out on pizza, there’s lots we could do

Go over our itenary one more time

Museum trekking with you would be sublime…..

As experiences go

I’m in love with the woman of Trivago

Joe Di Maggio



Joe Di Maggio, Joe Di Maggio

The all American hero

Joe Di Maggio

You suave romeo

One time celebrated lover of Marilyn Monroe

‘Til she ran off with another and it broke your heart so

You never were the same again

When she met her end in 62

It unleashed in you such intense pain

Joe Di Maggio, Joe Di Maggio

Winner at baseball

Loser in could have had it all

But you went a little too far

But Joe Di Maggio, you’re still a star ….that shines brightly

The War To End All Wars



The Anzacs were brave

Their lives they gave

Only when war ends

Will enemies become friends

’til that time arrives

Chaos and bloodshed thrives

The Anzacs were young men cut down in their prime

They could have been drinking beer with their mates having a great time

Entertaining future wives

The Anzacs were brave, they laid down their lives…..