Lisbon Stories



Glancing across

The glorious Tagus

From a high vantage point

Janine stopped to smoke a joint

Then a stroll down the sunkissed Alfama streets

A trip to Lisbon would not be complete

Without a tram ride to Belem

And Benfica and Sporting stadiums

But Janine is not a fan of football

So i take her shopping afterwards.Cause she’s beautiful

Then a bar before returning to our hotel

Couldn’t wish for a better travel companion.She is swell

I just wish she’d embrace the “Beautiful Game”

Still, i realize i love her all the same

As we wake and shower then prepare for the next day

The Gulbenkian foundation on our itenary

Hop on  a tram to The Chiado

Then board the funicular to Bairro Alto

Hang out with writers and artists

Go to bars and get pissed.

A sandwich next morning in a cafe

Then take in Avenida da Liberdade

Where Janine french kissed me…..then whispered in my ear

“I love you Stephen , you’re funny and sincere”

Our Lisbon vacation

Ended in an excursion.

A short journey to the splendid Cascais resort

Janine went topless on the beach.She is a good sport

Our memories of Lisbon, long may they last

As the plane touches down at Gatwick and it’s overcast……

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