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Tribute To Roald


“James And The Giant Peach” i enjoyed in my youth.

“Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ” too.Roald Dahl stood for truth….

And integrity.His stance against Zionism and Apartheid

He could have done with 10,000 Oompa Loompahs by his side

Great writers shape history

And a great writer, clearly was he

Roald Dahl R.I.P

Phew ! What A Scorcher!



In the south of England it’s as hot as the Med

Long may it continue

Hundreds flock to the beaches

Flip flops , sun tan lotion, ice cream sales soar

Bucket and spades too….

Phew ! What a scorcher! Air conditioning on full blast in the office

Phew ! What a scorcher! Tourists guzzling ice cold water in bottles in parks

Kids crowded round fountains

Phew! What a Scorcher!

Colder weather on the horizon

Manchester United



Manchester United like in 58

The last time tragedy did devestate….

This community

But Mancunians do not wallow in self pity

They put a brave face on it all .The people 2 The Terrorists 0

Meanwhile in the Friends Arena Pogba and Mktharyan’s skill.

Stockholm has suffered recently too.

But in the bars there and in Salford “They sing Man.U, Man.U”

Lisbon Stories



Glancing across

The glorious Tagus

From a high vantage point

Janine stopped to smoke a joint

Then a stroll down the sunkissed Alfama streets

A trip to Lisbon would not be complete

Without a tram ride to Belem

And Benfica and Sporting stadiums

But Janine is not a fan of football

So i take her shopping afterwards.Cause she’s beautiful

Then a bar before returning to our hotel

Couldn’t wish for a better travel companion.She is swell

I just wish she’d embrace the “Beautiful Game”

Still, i realize i love her all the same

As we wake and shower then prepare for the next day

The Gulbenkian foundation on our itenary

Hop on  a tram to The Chiado

Then board the funicular to Bairro Alto

Hang out with writers and artists

Go to bars and get pissed.

A sandwich next morning in a cafe

Then take in Avenida da Liberdade

Where Janine french kissed me…..then whispered in my ear

“I love you Stephen , you’re funny and sincere”

Our Lisbon vacation

Ended in an excursion.

A short journey to the splendid Cascais resort

Janine went topless on the beach.She is a good sport

Our memories of Lisbon, long may they last

As the plane touches down at Gatwick and it’s overcast……

The Tree



The Carshalton family

In their garden stood a large tree

It had been there for generations.The stories it’s branches could tell.

Number 3 Grove road where John Carshalton, Emily, Robert and Jane did dwell

When Jane and Robert were children they would dance around the tree

Emily would sit underneath the tree sometimes and write poetry

A bird did build its nest in the tree

John’s hobby was photography

The head of the house John Carshalton

Captured it so well with his “Nikon”

Robert hung a burning effigy

of the school bully ……from a high branch for a lark

Jane and her boyfriend carved their initials into the bark

Sadly one  day the fun was to cease

The tree it transpired, had Dutch Elm disease

The tree was chopped down the whole family cried

It was as if part of them had died…

Still they always had their memories

Of the time in their lives that revolved around the tree

Moving To Oz!?


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I’m moving to Oz

My friend ….because…

It’s where the hot babes are and yet

Most of ’em are spoken for on the “Neighbours” set

The same goes for “Home And Away” sadly.

I’d move to Australia gladly

For, loneliness i do detest

In Oz i could have a snog fest……………..

Loneliness is shite, loneliness is a bitch

So i’m moving to Oz if i get rich