Monthly Archives: April 2017

Joanna And Deborah




Joanna played the piano in a london gay bar

Deborah was an admirer from afar

She was there for her first performance aged 21

She wangled a back stage pass .soon they were having fun

Laughing and joking then after found themselves dodging the rain

A bus to Joanna’s house in Camden Deborah said “I want to make it plain…

I’m in it for the long haul.I don’t do one night stands”

Joanna uncorked a bottle of ¬†wine.”The rest of my life is planned”

“I’m going to spend it with you.Deborah”

Soon they were making out on the sofa

4 weeks later Deborah had moved in

With her 2 cats and a few possessions

Now ,a few years later

They’re still making sweet music together

Hitting the right key

Tom And Jerry




When i was a child i was merry

Part of the reason was Tom and Jerry

I’d laugh at their antics on my portable black and white t.v

Oblivious to all the doom and gloom going on around me

For i never watched the news just the cartoons you see

Will we ever see the return of Tom and Jerry

I hope so….


And They’re Off….



Another year , another Grand national

This year only 3 horses fell

Last year it was 8…They should

Ban this evil race for good

But there’s too much money in the “Sport Of Kings”you see

They won’t even ban the whip at Ascot, Cheltenham or Aintree

And it makes for great t.v

In the presence of Queen Bitch….Mad Lizzie

And they’re off….