We Live In Dangerous Times




What’s going on in The North China sea

Could cause mass panic and anxiety

The situation in Sudan, the chaos in Syria

Is it scaremongering or is indeed the end of the world nearer

Those who control the media

Would like to stimulate Paranoia

Anything that sells newspapers

However the state of the world does seem to have changed somewhat since i was a boy

In so many countries they don’t even experience the freedom’s that we enjoy…..In the west

Torture, mass murder and persecution seem to be the order of the day

The Killing fields of Cambodia, Ceaucescu, Bosnia, Guantanomo bay

Destruction of human life everywhere

Despots like Idi Amin’s ice cold stare

And that North Korean bloke

He’s a f****** sick joke!

We live in dangerous times my friend

Join forces and march for peace or it could be the end

We live in Dangerous times

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