Monthly Archives: March 2017

Newbury Street



A stroll down Boston’s Newbury street

Could make my whole life complete

A stroll down Newbury street ….wear  a smile

In the autumn … dine out New England style

Take in an art gallery

A boutique or 3

Take a stroll down Newbury street

In Massachussettes find your feet

The Life Of Twain



Twain, he spent his solitary life

In the north of Finland without a wife

Just his dog Sibelius and a bottle of gin

As yet another cold dark day drew in

He heard a gunshot.It came from nearby

The 25th suicide this week you could cry

He himself, was rather depressed, to a neighbour, he did reveal

The only thing saving his sanity was his hound and his potters wheel

Then one day Twain won the Finnish lottery jackpot

He and his dog moved to Spain.Both happy living where it’s hot.

Now he’s met a local lass he’s even happier still

Given up the gin too….of cold dark days he’d had his fill

So the ballad of Twain draws to a close

He made a bonfire of all his winter clothes…………The End


The Collapse Of PSG


paris 4 0Barca 6 -1

PSG’s shambolic defending, the refereeing weak

Barcelona ruthless and they weren’t even at their peak

The greatest comeback in the history of football

Drama, great goals this elite showpiece had it all

This classic will no doubt be repeated on t.v  for years

In the Catalan night sky home fans jubilant away fans shed tears

Messi and co may not lift the trophy in May

It may find it’s way to the Real madrid cabinet, hey

Or even Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund, but not PSG for another season

And Busquets, Iniesta,Neymar and Suarez the support act for lionel are the reason

As lovers of the beautiful game

Know life will never be the same

Those lucky enough to have in their possession last night a ticket

For this cultural extravaganza at camp nou sorry but who needs cricket!

Citizen Kane




Harry Kane’s the one Man u want, the one that Man u need

To turn those missed chances into goals…. Kane for Man u to succeed

Mikhytaryan and Mata supplying the bullets. Kane deadly from close range

More complete a player than Thomas Moller if the board move for the latter that’s strange

Griezmann too would provide a lethal finish

But Citizen Kane however is english

Message to the board Can we make it plain

The one we want is Citizen Kane


Mills And Boon


loversmills and boon

The writers Mills and Boon

Made an absolute fortune

Patient captivated by her handsome doctor’s spell

Or rugged looking type falling for a waitress in some posh hotel

My mother was a fan….Every doctor’s waiting room

In the late 70’s seemed to have a Mills and Boon

The formula worked it seems

like an exotic dream….


Allergic To The 21st Century



The doctor gave me Prozac.It did my liver in

Violent outburst….video games adrenalin

Nut allergy, gluten free

Vitamin D deficiency

Stress overload, mental health decline

Pollution, cancer…grand design

Pnuematic drills and sirens

Shattering my sleep patterns

Allergic to the 21st Century won’t you try and understand

My Samsung Galaxy Android phone exploded in my hand

Allergic to the 21st Century

Overcrowded, chaotic cities

Allergic to the 21st century

Yet another airport runway

Allergic to the 21st Century

Allergic to the 21st Century……