Monthly Archives: February 2017

The New Fiver



Sitting in a cafe .I just can’t wait

For the unethical fiver debate

Stephen: Morrissey says and i quote

“There’s animal fat in the new five pound note”

Mike “Well they won’t be going out of circulation anytime soon”

Stephen “We should storm the Bank of England.Mike “The system dance to their own tune”

Stephen “I hate my change” .Mike “Won’t you listen”

“I’m not prepared to go to prison”

“If you are though, i’ll visit you there”

“With a Morrissey c.d.I like him, he’s not square”

Noise Annoys



Noise annoys ….trying to get to sleep

The noise of London’s Eastend could make me weep

I yearn for peace and quiet

What i get is a riot

Sirens all night long

Some people wake to bird song

Noise annoys….Yet another pneumatic drill

Noise annoys….of Tower Hamlets i’ve had my fill

Noise annoys……..


The Event That Passed Me By



Cameroon crowned champions

At the Africa cup of Nations

Beating Egypt in the final .no mean feat

‘Though both fall short when in the World cup, they compete

And i must admit i don’t know any of the winning teams names

Neither, did i watch any of the games…..

So to acquire a top of the range smart phone,i will try

Cause for a football nut like me it ‘ain’t much fun you see, when events pass you by

Suzy And Dave



Suzy said to Dave “Our evening’s planned”

“I’ve got us two tickets to see La La Land”

Halfway through Dave shouted “I can’t believe i fell into your trap….

of agreeing to go along with you to watch this sentimental crap!”

He belched then turned round to Suzy “I’m out of here”

And went down the road to join his mates for a beer

That same night he and Suzy broke up

But Dave wasn’t bothered.for, West ham won in the cup!