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What Have We Done To This World?



What have we done to this world?

What have we done to this world?

3 mile island, Chernobyl

Polluting the rivers and the lakes still

Waging wars everywhere

Politicians simply don’t care

The rainforest disappears at an alarming rate

Toxic exhaust fumes in cities we suffocate

What have we done to this world?

What have we done to this world?

Hunting the Rhino, Elephant and Whale

The bastards who do this belong in jail

What have we done to this world?

The System Are Control Freaks



The system are control freaks

Rebel against them and you’re future will be bleak

Come off your medication

And we will have you sectioned

We are just robots machines without a  soul

We are the system and we’re taking back control

We are the system control freaks

Push against us and your future will be bleak

We dictate the pace

Of the whole human race

We are the control freaks who must have things their own way

It’s really pretty bleak getting worse for you each day

We are the system control freaks


Classic Down Under



Roger Federer, Roger Federer

Excelling at Rod laver arena

With Rod watching

The Fed is king

He’s finally got the “Monkey Off His Back”….The elusive 18th Grand slam

Shouting my support at the radio….I was every bit as Partizan….

As the crowd under the night sky in Melbourne

A huge amount of “Wonga” both the Fed and Nadal earn

The fed’s had his problems….A fortnight ago when he strolled in to town

He proved the old adage you can’t keep a genius down

Praise the fed, for a great champion, is he

He makes the game of tennis seem so easy

I’ll say it again praise the Fed

He’s clearly not finished yet

The Nicest Guy In Football



Graham Taylor danced with Sharon Stone

In mourning his passing, i am not alone

He took lowly Watford to the very pinnacle of success

Sadly, as England manager, he suffered the wrath of the tabloid press

Those notorious “Hacks” put the boot in

“Turnip head” they called him

But to those of moral fibre he was a real gent

His time  in the lower leagues, well spent

Farewell then Graham Taylor

Who made many friends

From Elton John to Alan Shearer

Your life has come to an end….r.i.p