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I Hate Most People On T.V



I hate most people on t.v

From Russel Bland to the f****** Queen

I hate most people on t.v

Simon Cowell….I find him obscene

I hate most people on t.v, especially “Ant” and “Dec”

Like the cast of “Emmerdale”, “Eastenders”, and “Corrie”, pathetic

I hate most people on t.v

So called comedians who aren’t funny

I hate “Downtown Abbey” and other elitist bulls***

I hate most people on t.v, they are naff, bitches or gits

I hate Adrian Chiles….the most boring man in football

I hate Jonathon Ross and the Kardashians-so superficial

I hate David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn and Teresa May

The narrator on “Come Dine With Me” and the pundits on “Match Of The Day”

I hate most people on t.v

I can’t be bothered to pay the license fee

I hate most people on t.v

Except for the stunning female newsreaders

They almost make me forget such tedium

as “Midsomer Murders”…….

“Taggart”, “Lewis” and “Heartbeat”

I hate “Made In Chelsea” and detest “Cold Feet”

I hate most people on t.v

Jeremy Clarkson, Gordon Ramsay

I hate most people on t.v……


Paris Pre Eiffel Tower



Paris pre Eiffel Tower

Mademoiselle selling flowers

From a market stall

Artists selling their wares, Cezanne ‘n’ all

Paris has always had it’s landmarks from Notre D’ame to Sacre couer

As Michel Le Grand once said “Paris was made for lovers”

But what exactly did those lovers walking by La Seine do

In the days before Tour D’Eiffel loomed large into view

I don’t know i can only surmise

I’m sure they would have improvised

Paris before Tour D’ Eiffel may have been delightful

But to the overall city scape it lends it self so well

The Paris of pre Eiffel Tower

Mademoiselle still selling her flowers….