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The Art Of Tanya Chalkin


tanya chalkinhunkbottom

Tanya Chalkin and Her Lesbian Photographs

Tanya Chalkin and Her Lesbian Photographs

The art of Tanya Chalkin

Gets right under the prudes skin

And for that we should doff our proverbial caps to her

Tanya Chalkin’s hot lesbian lovers

In bed, where else would they be?!

Tanya Chalkin’s art a thing of beauty

Tanya Chalkin’s art offending religious extremists everywhere

But Tanya Chalkin’s probably so rich …i doubt very much she cares

Tanya Chalkin’s art i have on my wall

A fiver in Swindon, good call!

Tanya Chalkin’s ¬†art as Earth shattering as Banksy

And much cheaper than a Bridgit Riley

Tanya Chalkin may you hang around the art scene for years and years

Tanya Chalkin your art goes down so well with a few cool beers

That’s all i want to say say really….

About the legend , the one and only…Tanya Chalkin