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I’m In Love….With A Soap Opera Star


carla motorbike gear


I’m in love with a soap opera star

Steph in her leathers-Carla Bonner

She’s so hot, positively simmering under the Melbourne sun

I recall fondly when she was the new kid on the block in “2001”

I’ve been in love with a soap opera star i can explain

Ever since i first saw her cleavage and watched her toss her blond mane

Carla Bonner, Carla Bonner

You can compete with Jessica Alba….

Even on a bad day

And like her, your acting’s not bad

C.B men’s hormones get in the way

They drive us mad

Think of all the positive things we could get done

If we weren’t so obsessed with carnal thoughts and fun

Carla Bonner other hot babes have come and gone from Ramsay st

But let’s hope it’ll be a while ’til you beat a hasty retreat

Cause Carla Bonner your face it does glow

And after all you’re the only reason i watch the show!




Yoko Without John


yokoplastic ono band

John Lennon, Yoko Ono a love that spanned decades

The latter survived the former and likewise had talent in spades

Showbiz oddest couple….Their New York hotel love in for peace

The Plastic Ono band’s records must have made a few grand from L.A to Nice

Let’s celebrate you Yoko for you once gave Lennon your heart

And like most of us i can only dream of owning your art

Yoko without John

Since Christmas 80 her light has shone

Was “Woman” written for her?

And “Just Like Starting Over”?

Yoko Ono business woman “Smart cookie”

You never were that much of a good look-ie

But not that Lennon did mind no doubt

Yoko after Lennon still with plenty to shout about

Arthur’s Song



Arthur lived in Denmark hill a tad too long

The Maudsley’s longest patient….Sad was Arthur’s song

Institutionalized since he was about 20

For, that was the last time he knew what it was like to be free

Many world events passed him by

The day the Berlin wall came down brought a tear to his eye

Arthur’s song, Arthur’s song

The Clozapine shuffle about 5 minutes long

With Josie on piano and Bill on spoons

Interrupted only by hospital gruel and cartoons

Repeated later no doubt on Channel 4

Arthur’s song hard not to get angry or sore

For, when Arthur was a boy

Years of travelling he planned to enjoy

From Morocco to Portugal to Kenya to The Maracana

The local shops of sarf london’s finest the furthest he’s got so far

And that was on escorted leave

Arthur’s song here comes a tired old chorus

He escaped a  few years ago the Police brought him back and they jabbed him up the arse

Pinned him down of course against his will

Dinner time more food that tastes like pig swill

Arthur’s song, Arthur’s song another painful verse of Arthur’s song

When he died no one tried to figure out where society went wrong

Although some they did grieve

For Arthur who wore his heart on his sleeve

Arthur’s song .An all too familiar tune

PLayed in day centre’s every afternoon

Arthur’s song……


Geeks Are The New Homosexuals



“Geeks are the new homosexuals” ….So a heterosexual poet called Wayne-Holloway-Smith said to me one time

Geeks are the new homosexuals ….It’s official and persecution of any minority is a crime

So to those who bully and mock

“Oi! Pizza face! I hated Mr.Spock”

“I’ll punch you in the rib cage and nick your can of coke”

“Destroy your Sheldon t-shirt cause i’m a nasty bloke”

“I can get away with it you see….

“I’m the hardest guy on this neighbourhood, everyone’s afraid of me”

“You can forget ’bout help from the police too”

“Geeks are the new batty men and we hate you!”

What a week

For the Geek

His laptop was stolen

Still, the perpetrator’s in prison

For, he underestimated W.P.C Jones

Geeks are the new homosexuals better leave them alone

Who Really Runs The World?



The Oil companies pull the strings in Washington D.C

GOOGLE and Facebook, won’t you take a look, The Porn Industry

The Drug cartels

Media moguls

Governments, the Police

The Monarchies



Organized Religion

Interference in State television

Controlled by whom

The Zionists, The Supermarket giants

The Pharmaceuticals….bad science

Yes who really runs the world