Monthly Archives: June 2016

Loving It



Who says there’s no romance left in football

Iceland beat England with superior skill

England are s***!

As for Iceland …loving it

England Frozen Out By Iceland



A wave of optimism.The sky’s the limit

England led through Wayne Rooney for a minute

Then an Icelandic geezer

Pounced after a downward header

Before you could say British Bulldog Spirit

Iceland scored again with a long range bullet

The Vikings in France having all the fun

Joe Hart England’s number one!

Got Nothing Better To Do



Life is not one long car chase

Nor is it a killing spree you Xbox nutcase

The Playstation


Only an Earthquake

Would shake their concentration

I don’t care ’bout the quality of the graphics

From where i stand you lot are f****** tragic!

The Playstation


Need to get out more

The Playstation


Must beat my last score….




Untitled Poem(part 11,054)



Monica Seles

Did not grunt her way to success

For, Monica Seles

Was quite good at tennis

But the grunt in the women’s game

Should be banned if it’s all the same

Not that anything other than a U.F.O landing would put off Steffi Graf

Cause she was always utterly focused and often had the last laugh

Now there’s no more Monica

Sharipova has taken over

Count the decibel level at SW.19

Women players still grunting that’s such a bad scene


It Pays To Be Wary



One time someone decided i was ill

They sent me to see the consultant in the hospital

After seeing the shrink

I needed a stiff drink

It can be somewhat refreshin’

to have an ethnic minority in such a high position

But it pays to be wary

cause although bow ties aren’t scary

You should never trust a man who wears one

He probably dishes out tranquilizers for fun

Or he’s a dodgy critic in the tabloids

Men in bow ties i tend to avoid

like that t.v auctioneer

Who resembles an Old Compton st queer

Out to seduce and corrupt young men

You’ll find his clone in “Half Way To Heaven”

Yes men in bow ties

Don’t trust them, get wise

4-0 A flattering Score(As Hungary Exit)



A few promising Hungarian forays

However it was just one of those days

Not one way traffic like the scoreline may suggest

Poor old Magyars they did their very best

But they weren’t playing Austria, Iceland or an average Portugal this time

Some of Lukaku, de Bruyne and Hazards play was nothing less than sublime

The boys in Red deserved a consolation goal

They were chasing one but fatigue took it’s toll

The move broke down then they found themselves chasing shadows

Hungary moving in the right direction but in the end class shows……

Jack The Ripper


d2834f349a3490add477f57a4165cbddgraveceMary ann polly nichols grave

The Jack the ripper tour

We should boycott, should ignore

The Jack the ripper tour

He carved up women not whores

The Jack the ripper tour in Whitechapel

and Spitalfields…….Don’t glamourise evil

His is not a life to celebrate

For his poor victims, to encounter him was their fate

To make money out of their suffering, pathetic

The Jack the ripper tour….pretty f****** sick!