The New Wave Of Comedy


000d11a060621dbf7a6776203563dc76c42eb26e1bd85bd91790cc5a11784293keaton-bowiemaxresdefault (2)

If you object to modern comedy

They insult you by calling you p.c

But the old comedians like Laurel and Hardy and Harold LLoyd

Sick jokes about rape or Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, they would avoid

Frankie Boyle (Boil) you are a bum

Nothing more than a talentless, nasty glaswegian

and a disgrace

Like Ricky Gervais

I hate this ugly face….

Of modern humour

As welcome as a brain tumour

They’ll probably make jokes about that too

Modern comedians f*** you!

Nothing wrong with being controversial

But sick is not funny it’s just sick

The new wave of comedians are not bold but pathetic

Even with her head down a toilet

Amy Winehouse had more dignity

Than Frankie Boyle will ever have …his comments just shitty!

8 out of 10 cats prefer it or Buster Keaton

I know which i’d rather watch on ¬†television

The new wave of comedy

Is definitely not for me

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