L.S.D (Part Rhyming/Part Non Rhyning)


Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds2

Would L.S.D make me create even better art?

Would it make me grow extremely long fingernails?

Or just visualise pink elephants with wings

Did L.S.D screw Syd Barret up….Or was it years before that the rot set in?

Would L.S.D kill me? I doubt somehow

Prescription drugs could do that quicker

Decriminalize A, B or C, get the picture

Give people the freedom to chose

I would like to try “Space cake” again

But L.S.D i’m not sure it’s for me

As for Amsterdam, as a city, not bad

But Eindhoven i did prefer

L.S.D, L.S.D, L.S.D, L.S.D

If it was a controlled environment see

Magic Mushrooms or Ecstacy

L.S.D, L.S.D, L.S.D, L.S.D

Is still illegal and that’s absurd

To be a liberal these days is a dirty word

L.S.D, L.S.D

L.S.D, L.S.D

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