Entertainers Through The Years



Zbigniew Boniek, Zbigniew Boniek

On well drilled defences you did wreak havoc

You starred for Juventus and alongside Smolarek in Spain 82

But, Zbigniew Boniek  what, i wonder, became of you

Still a legend in Poland ….You must be getting on in years

No doubt prefer lukewarm soup to polish beers!!!!

But you could only stain  a cardigan!!!!

Not  a reputation

Unlike Paolo Rossi your Juve team mate

Who arrived on the scene not a moment too late

To upstage you in that semi final

Zbigniew Boniek at hte time you had no equal

Apart from maybe Eder

Zbigniew Boniek the world does care…….

For it’s entertainers in all their glory

And yours was quite a story

Zbigniew Boniek scorer of many goals and from every range

You faded into obscurity, how alien and strange

But for Zbigniew Boniek, read hero, mister

One day there’ll be a whole load of Boniek t-shirts, mugs and posters

I simply loved the way you played the game

But what is it with Eastern European names

They don’t roll off the tongue

Zbigniew you are no longer young…..And nor am i

Zbigniew Boniek, Zbigniew Boniek

To organized back 4’s you wreaked havoc…..And chaos

Zbigniew Boniek you are

Indeed a star…..


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