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The Cruyff Turn



The Cruyff turn, the Cruyff turn

One, the kids will have forgotten to learn

Jordi Cruyff an apallingly bad case of nepotism

You wouldn’t have to be a football boffin of into such scepticism….

to see that

Jordi is a prat

The 70’s my favourite decade Morrissey “Hang the D.J!?”

There was always Steve Copell and Johan Cruyff in their heyday



When Doves Cry


Prince-When-Doves-Cry-300x300 (1)

The small guy who played basketball

His light shone in the 80’s, when he appeared to have it all

Fame, fortune, the women, the cars

If he could’ve painted his girlfriend’s purple and the moon and the stars

i’m sure that he would

Even when he was bad he was good

Aesthetically at least

Like the writer of this tribute a strange kind of beast

He reserved the right to look ridiculous all along

And it was Bono who said that in a song