Let’s Play Quotations


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“The Eagle has landed” but not on the moon

That was fake like some Hollywood studio cartoon

No, the Eagle returned to feed the chicks in the nest

In Colorado with rat a la carte they were impressed

“Either the wallpaper goes or i do” Oscar Wilde once said

Tacky s*** for a posh Paris apartment….Oscar is long dead

“Hell hath no fury like  a woman scorned said William Shakespeare

Cheating yuppy underestimated his “Trophy wife” i swear

She poisoned the contents of his wine cellar with arsenic

“Enough to kill the b****** or make him violently sick”

“If the paramedics can pump his stomach he’ll return home to find i’ve cut up all his designer suits”

“Then, for the coup de gras i’ll file for divorce …finish him of course and leave him f****** destitute!”

The dungaree wearing feminists would say “It serves him right”

A serial cheat always in Amsterdam the shite!

“The Beatles are bigger than Jesus Christ” John Lennon’s famous statement


The jury’s out Sgt.Pepper vs The New Testament

“You can’t get drunk on beer” that genius and rock ‘n’ roll rebel once said


The man who penned “School’s out” and “Killer”….the “lace and Whisky” album overrated

“You can’t get drunk on beer Alice!” My mate John Hayes would hotly dispute that

2o Stella sunk in one day then he’s out cold in his filthy flat

“It’s not the men in my life but the life in my men”

Mae West’s sexual conquests must have f***** like Stallions on Ketamin!

“When you’re tired of London you’re tired of life”

But what did Samuel Pepys know about struggle or strife?

And i don’t live in the 17th Century

Disillusioned with it all …next stop Manchester for me

“She played the best possible game with the worst possible hand” can’t recall who said that about Monroe

“Candle in the wind” Elton John said”Loneliness is tough” and Elton of all people would know

Strange that they don’t have “Quotations “in the board game cafe in Haggerston London

They have  “Buckaroo” and some board games i’ve never heard of but they don’t have ” Quotations”





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