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That heavy rock genius Michael Schenker

Would not be endorsed by Simon cowell for he’s a fat wa****!

That loser would rather praise a pile of crap such as JedWard

Susan Boyle a 50 year old virgin and other dead wood

But who watches s*** like X Factor anyway

Clever people flock to Industrial heartlands to hear MSG play

“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

A Rock classic i hear you cry

“Attack Of The Mad Axeman”

Gary on vocals is a Man.u fan

Need i say more

MSG brilliant….Louis Walsh a bore

Tony Braxton  ………overrated and as for Cheryl Cole

there’s Geordie women with more talent than her on the dole

F*** Sharon and Ossie Osborn!!

The latter bit a bats head off ………wish those 2 had never been born

Birmingham is the pits

Warpigs is for sh***

Rather hear Michael Schenker live in Berlin

Or one day touring Manchester again……

Sadly Cozy Powell died

Some where near Bristol millions cried

The world’s best drummer and practical joker

Was adored and feted by Michael Schenker








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