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The Jinxed Irish


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“The Luck of The OIrish” this is  a myth that must be destroyed

F*** your leprachaun and his crock of gold …the whole conceptleaves me so annoyed

The Guildford 4 and The Birmingham 6 were cursed from the beginning

My mom is Norwegian they have more money than Kuwait but i am failing so there!

My beloved dad’s genes are f****** me up preventing me from getting anywhere

And i am convinced he is bankrupt and maybe deceased

The luck of the irish deserted them in the potato famine this b******* must cease

The irish are plucky

But they are not lucky

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” as Bono said

persecuted by the Black tans…Bobby Sands sadly dead

The irish cannot win the Rugby World cup no matter how hard they try

George best half Greek half Irish his liver packed up 30 years early….sigh

Oscar Wilde suffered at the hands of  a rent boy ended up  a broken man

Died in Gay Paris  a year later after several years hard labour the Irish carry the can

Cromwell butchered the Irish in the north and the south as well

My mothers ancestors the vikings slaughtered them too oh well….

The “Rocket” Ronnie ‘O’ Sullivan

Great Snooker player f****** up by manic depression

If the irish are lucky why are so many of them institutionalised

Phil Lynott and Gary Moore struck down before their potential was realized

The luck of the irish do me a favour

Expecting the Almighty do be your saviour


I’m psychic so why can’t i win the Lottery

I can’t make any money from my Art or my poetry

The irish are cursed the irish are jinxed

This is what Stephen Mulcahy Jensen, a genius thinks….




maxresdefault (3)


That heavy rock genius Michael Schenker

Would not be endorsed by Simon cowell for he’s a fat wa****!

That loser would rather praise a pile of crap such as JedWard

Susan Boyle a 50 year old virgin and other dead wood

But who watches s*** like X Factor anyway

Clever people flock to Industrial heartlands to hear MSG play

“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

A Rock classic i hear you cry

“Attack Of The Mad Axeman”

Gary on vocals is a Man.u fan

Need i say more

MSG brilliant….Louis Walsh a bore

Tony Braxton  ………overrated and as for Cheryl Cole

there’s Geordie women with more talent than her on the dole

F*** Sharon and Ossie Osborn!!

The latter bit a bats head off ………wish those 2 had never been born

Birmingham is the pits

Warpigs is for sh***

Rather hear Michael Schenker live in Berlin

Or one day touring Manchester again……

Sadly Cozy Powell died

Some where near Bristol millions cried

The world’s best drummer and practical joker

Was adored and feted by Michael Schenker







Tea With Mussolini



Mussolini got the trains running on time

A bald nazi was he …guilty of heinous crimes

They hung him in upside down in Rome for he was a sick joke

The wa***** was so f****** fat, the rope nearly broke!

Now his granddaughter’s entered politics that’s all we need

Another one of the ba****** genes determined to succceed

“Tea with Mussolini”

Not a bad d.v.d …….for Hollywood….Cher is dying