When They Were Raw


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u2-pride-in-the-name-of-love-1984-7Preferred U.2 before

when they were raw

And i’m writing this while listening to “Achtung Baby”

“Zoo Station” in Berlin…..”The Joshua Tree” better maybe

But you can’t beat “The Unforgettable Fire”

Or “October” “Under A Blood red Sky” not “Desire”

“Pop” was sh** “Discotheque” “Staring At The Sun”

Not surprised it didn’t get to number 1

And “All That You Can Leave Behind”

played havoc with my mind

“Zooropa” “Vorsprung Der Technik”

Was quite good  although apart from  “Lemon” the rest was pathetic


“Boy” did i relish playing “An Cat Dubh” “Into The Heart” and the excellent “Twilight”

Didn’t mind “”Magnificent” Or “Cedars Of Lebanon ” but “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t go Crazy Tonight!”

Can’t understand why “No Line On The Horizon ” sold so well

I’ll bet “N.M.E”hated it “Melody Maker ” may have endorsed it oh. well…

As for “How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb”  best leave that to the army

Buying new c.d’s can be like dodging explosives try not too take too many chances me

Finally their most recent effort with Larry hugging the white guy on the cover

Apart from “Raised By Wolves” you would have to say in all honesty why bother?

In Ireland i’m sure it didn’t get much airplay…

Meanwhile “All Is Quiet On New Year’s Day”……..

Which is the song that sold me to U.2

Really loved the video too

And “Two Hearts Beat As One” Even “Drowning Man” “Refugee”

“Takes a second to say goodbye””Push the button pull the plug”

“War” was superb I’d love it on vinyl a poster or a ceramic mug

“Pop” and everything since, overrated i told you before

Even “Rattle and hum” ‘though pretty damn good did succumb preferred them when they were raw







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