Teardrop Explodes


Holly Wells (left) and Jessica ChapmanJulian-Cope-pictured-in-1-001058431yAq8pONrL

“World shut your mouth” can jullian cope

Jon sobbed when he found his best mate  hanging by a rope

“Cry me a river” “Tears on my pillow”

“Seasons in the sun”feeling low

Pretenders “Stop your sobbing”

“Sad songs say so much” so revealing

Don mc clean to resurrect his career he’s trying

Be it “Starry, starry night” or the classic “Crying”

Reach for the Kleenex

Too F****** complex….

and sensitive “Tracks of my tears””Tears of a clown”

ABBA’s 3 divorce songs were the best although they got me down

And i’ve never even been married unlike my older brother Paul

On an emotional tidal wave the 4 swedes boat was sunk “The winner takes it all”

“Knowing me, knowing you…

There is nothing we can do”


in Not so cold Sweden “The name of the game”

i’ll stay single if it’s all the same

And spare myself all the heartbreak

Won’t be making the  same mistake

For i’ve shed too many tears already

i moved again and lost my tatty teddy

With one patch over his eye

My mother gave me him …sigh

In 69 when i was a cry baby

Whoever found him may have adopted him maybe

He brought me years of joy

I went to bed with him when i was a boy

I switch on the news…….. Syrian war refugees

Plucking at the heartstrings “Help us please”

Alice Cooper’s Rock ballads “Steven” and the mellow “I never cry”

Somehow i don’t quite believe you Alice such a nice guy

Shania Twain “Black eyes blue tears”

And whatever become of “Tears for fears”

That cult classic movie “The crying game” or those 80’s relics “China crisis”

Booker T and the m.g’s “Green onions” tomorrows newspapers victims of ISiS

Or broken Britain “The sick man of Europe”

Pink floyd “More” “Crying song” back to Julian Cope

His solo stuff or “Teardrop explodes” as a car skids off the icy road

“Casualty” never did like that Bristol soap

Barack Obama’s best seller “The Audacity Of Hope”

And i always thought that scouser Julian was a beautiful guy

But as fond as i am of Bowie’s cover “Sorrow” or Nina Simone… it’s better to laugh than cry

Way too much suffering in the world just tragedy on the ITN news screen

So i’ll be putting on a compilation d.v.d “Best bits of mr.Bean”






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