Freddy Vs Jason




Freddy Mercury from Zanzibar Jason Donovan’s nemesis

A camp genius vs the most overrated Prick in Showbusiness

Freddy had “Staying power” and that’s a s*** song

Like “Dancer” and “Cool cat” where did Queen go wrong

“Life Is Real” and “Under Pressure” the only stand out songs on “Hot Space”

As for Jason and his other half Kylie they are a f****** disgrace

Freddy Mercury had credibility

Unlike Jason who faded into obscurity

That Cultural icon…Freddy Mercury

Penned the classic  “Bohemian Rhapsody”

jason Donovan

Just posed in the “Oz” sun

Freddy Mercury wanted to bring ballet to the working classes

Jason Donovan endorsed “Fosters” lager while wearing sunglasses

Freddy Mercury will be remembered for “Barcelona” and strutting like a Peacock

Jason Donovon was in “Neighbours” with fat Harold ….quite a culture shock

Freddy was a legend “Death on Two Legs” , “Seaside Rendezvous”and “Back Chat”

Jason Donovan had all the appeal of an arthritic glue sniffing Wombat!

Freddy Mercury

left a legacy for generations to come

The video for “I Want To Break Free”

left rock critics struck dumb

In all honesty no one was ever in awe of Jason Donovan ‘though

Unlike Fred he never went down a storm in Old compton st Soho

Freddy vs Jason no contest… Fred delivers the knockout punch

Freddy mercury was caviar Jason Donovan “Monster Munch”

Freddy was a genius who should really have been taken more seriously

as influential as little Richard or George Michael minus Andrew Ridgely

Jason Donovan Smash hits Macho man..Freddy more N.M.E

Thousands flock to Montreux every year to snap Freddy Mercury’s house and grieve

Apart from appearing in Panto what did Jason Donovan  actually achieve

Sorry to disappoint millions of teenage girls but the answer is  F*** all

Whereas “A Kind Of Magic” was superb like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

For years there was no rivalry to match Freddy vs jason

A kind of camp Hagler vs the slugger Roberto duran

Freddy vs Jason i’m afraid there’s only one winner there

LIke Freddy Kreuger vs Jason in the hockey mask you’d back the former…

Every single time “Fairy Feller’s Masterstroke” really quite sublime

Jason Donovan a pale imitation the Justin Bieber of his time

Freddy vs Jason coming to a cinema near you

Like the slick horror flick the pop version deserves it’s tabloid review

The inebriated “Daily Mail” hack

For the former gave 3 out of 10 what a setback

The director won’t be winning an Oscar then

As for Freddy vs Jason part two

9 out of 10, cynics screw you!…..


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