Even If I Was A Lesbian I Wouldn’t Want To Suffer K.D Lang



Buying K.d Lang’s “Ingenue” my single biggest regret

I  wonder K.D, did Martina serve up a good omelette

“Constant craving” and “Miss Chateleine”

By far away the best songs she wrote

But apart from that collaboration with Tony Bennet….

what has she done of note

K.D Lang is not an awful person but her music sends me to sleep

The best thing you can do with half her albums is cast nthem into the ocean, deep

And resembling  a young Elvis Presley

Is not a recommendation, believe me

Popular with the “Diesel Dykes” of Montreal

In Canada i’m sure K.D Lang walks tall

K.D Lang’s influence on the easy listening scene you can’t ignore

Even if like me, you find her songs a dreadful bore

I find it rather puzzling…..What does the K.D stand for?

“Wash Me Clean” ,”Still Thrives This love”…….

“Season Of Hollow Soul”, “Tears Of Love” she sang

To be lost in “The Rockies” in sub zero would be bad enough

without suffering K.D Lang

If your car broke down in 12 inches of deep Canadian snow

You would be crying out “Save Me”

Then along comes a truck to tow….

you away to a garage near a grocers shop in town

A lemonade then on your way, cause K.D Lang will drag you down

And you wouldn’t want Neil Young on your car radio or Celine Dion

K.D Lang a role model for 20 something “Lipstick lesbians”

K.D Lang, K.D lang

“Mind Of  Love” she sang

If i’m ever in a kayak, shooting the rapids one cool afternoon

Or in “Medicine hat” how about that….I won’t be humming a K.D Lang tune

LIke Francis Rossi, “Gooners” and cricket fans, K.D Lang has charisma i’m sure

But no offence, if i met her in Calgary, Winnipeg or Moosejaw

I’d just want to have a chat

And leave it at that

Not a f****** encore

K.D Lang karaoke,  “Please no more!”…..


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  1. Sexual orientation issues aside, I agree, Constant Craving was where the talent ended for me. Point well made Stephen!

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