Monthly Archives: September 2015

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day


ancient Rome
Rome wasn’t built in a day
Like China’s great wall
And if it had been down to Trade Unions
It wouldn’t have been built at all!


Success Stories/ Did Shit At School


gary numan
Bryan Robson
George Benson fan
Man.United fan
Did shit at school
like the jazz bloke f****** cool
Alan Sugar doesn’t have an “O” level
Morrissey , Simply Red, Gary Neville
Womack and Womack taught their kids at home
F*** private school, bastards rule, Chelsea shed
Leave school with a degree, end up sweeping the streets, instead
Gary Numan expelled from school
Bill Gates Harvard drop out, swimming pool….
Private helicopter as well
Rich art patron, changes the world, just swell
Tommy Vance
Took his chance
One of the few D.J’s i can stand
Richard Rogers, architect,knew how to make a grand…
Several examples more
Education’s a bore
Real geniuses hard to ignore

It’s Not A War It’s An Invasion!++( Part rhyming/part non rhyming)


The Middle East
Where peace has ceased
It’s not a war
Like it says on channel 4
And I.T.V the moron’s station
The former is dumbing down
Panic in Haifa no more growing lemons
They all play for Maccabi Haifa
Who probably fund the illegal occupation as well
Supported by Hollywood, Levi strauss
Wall st, The Pentagon
But not Obama..he’s a muslim
And he’s too busy sorting out Guantanamo bay
Or pandering to the chinese
C.N.N does it’s best
to stay neutral
On every level
not just Palestine
The Middle east
flattening homes

Israel stealing land
That doesn’t belong to them
It’s not a war
I told you before
It’s a massacre