Dentists Appointment




Dentists appointment
Sadists disappointment
Supposed to be there at ten
Got held up in The Ice Age!
Be there soon
Straight from a cartoon
To bare his teeth …His rage
to match the dentists…Feel his pain
The Sabre tooth doesn’t want novocaine
Pink mouthwash or “The Horse and Hound”
Waiting room, doom and gloom, the awful sound…..
Of the drill
attacking with skill
Open wide! straight for the gums
The dentist fled, half dead, feelin’ numb
Then the Chinaman cancelled at tooth hurty
The assistant troubled…. the tiger ripped off her skirt-y
Dentists appointment don’t be late next time
Or suffer the wrath of the rich swine!
If you think his last client was a laugh
his mate “the woolly mammoth”…. aftermath!

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