You Wouldn’t Want These People Going On Strike!


cartoonist's rule
The cartoonist in The Guardian
The cartoonist in Private Eye
Surrealist cartoonist, Gary larson
Cause it’s better to laugh than cry
Shame about Giles ‘though
Or Rolf harris…a body blow
to the cartoonist but i’m sure he’ll recover
Every woman would want to be his lover!
Gerald Scarfe, you’re havin’ a laugh, Pink Floyd “The Wall”
Exposing politicians, organized religion, he walks tall…
Does the cartoonist
Poking fun, he can’t resist
The cartoonist rather fond
Of the barbarian and the buxom blonde
The cartoonist
Satirist, cutting edge
The cartoonist
To change the world is his pledge
Or at the very least radicalize it
He’s a genius, realize it
Just try not to upset the muslim!
The cartoonist sticks 2 fingers up to the system!
The cartoonist how does he get away with it!?
The cartoonist extremely wealthy, but not in it for profit
Garfield the cat, The Red baron
Fred Basset, The Beano, Viz, just imagine….
a world without the cartoonist in it
The cartoonist pushing it to the limit
The boundaries of taste
His time he does not waste
The cartoonist beneficial for the Nation’s health
he pokes fun at the obese as well, with guile and stealth
The cartoonist really should’ve been one myself
But i can’t work to a dead line
So better to do it for a hobby
The cartoonist read by the fascist and The Beat “Bobbie”
You don’t need an “O” level to write for comics
Or to be a Billionaire, like Alan sugar
He’ll be turning to Alcohol soon
Outdated Private Eye cartoon
Trying to sell art to poor people is pathetic
The cartoonist a giant of a man, Belgians love him…”Desperate Dan”
Worshipped everywhere, Croydon, i swear, China, India and Japan
The Anarchist celebrates him too
The cartoonist doesn’t give a s***, f*** you!
The N.U.T on strike, 12 weeks holiday a year
We’re not skivers, mock black cab drivers and drink better beer
Morons love us too, “Cowboy builders”. the builders fat ass
We rip the piss out of them all, we are first class

The cartoonist 80’s sit com
What absurd angle is he coming from
How the hell should i know?
The perfect tonic when feeling low
The cartoonist “Get On Your Bike…
And look for work!”
Drives the Establishment bezerk
You don’t want him going on strike!
He even features in the porn mags
“When Saturday Comes” full of great gags
The cartoonist…..loved him at school
The Cartoonist, he rocks, he rules

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