Maggie Loved The Yobbo


thatcher and football yobbos
Maggie loved the football hooligan
England’s greatest export
Had her full support
She watched him board the plane
Cheered him on as he conquered Spain
From a safe distance, on the telly
Though you can’t blame her for his beer belly
She waved The Union Jack like the yobbo
In Bilbao, good ol’ Robbo…
The last time we beat the french
National fervour on the bench
“Patriotism, the last refuge of the scoundrel”
Oscar Wilde just like Maggie knew all about scandal
Then there’s the football thug
In the paper, his ugly mug
Just like hers, even worse, a sick joke
“There’s no such thing as society”
Wrecked by those who’ve abandoned sobriety
Years ago, like Tory swine
I can’t afford beer, let alone wine
Maggie loved the football hooligan
She was one herself
Her lover Murdoch’s “Sky” revolution
Sabotage the nation’s health…
Did he
And she
When the football hooligan complains
About the price of privatised trains
Look no further for the answer
Than the Iron bitch..Maggie Thatcher
Maggie loved the football hooligan
She didn’t want him to suffer in prison
Released on to the streets
Like the Tories…deadbeats
The very concept of the working classes
Fighting over spilled pint glasses
Would have cheered Maggie up no end
As with them on notoriety,she did depend
And there’s no such thing as bad publicity
From the Millwall lions, Chelsea “Shed”, Whitehall and The City
Maggie loved the football hooligan, she too was a living disgrace
The media also obsessed about her…i rest my case
The hideous face of 80’s Soccer…Fuck you!
Maggie Thatcher, grocer’s daughter, a peasant too
Maggie Thatcher given far too much air time
Like Leeds United, Liverpool, a heinous crime
Heysel plastered all over “The Sun”
What went unreported, Juventus supported by a Nazi with a gun.
Thatcher loved the football hooligan….i don’t doubt it
Barrow boy yuppies, market traders….read all about it
Maggie loved the yobbo
She lowered the tax on booze
Maggie loved the yobbo
The 1 quid Belgium, Calais cruise
Maggie loved the football thug

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