Reema Huzair


DSC_0220ReemaHuzair is a beautiful woman
But she cannot do the Moonwalk
Reema Huzair adores MIchael Jackson
when she ambles down the road your eyes on stalks
Reema Huzair once had a gay bunny!
I had to stop and laugh for a sec, boy, that’s funny
Reema Huzair hails from Sri Lanka
Reema huzair could have been a banker
I’m glad she wasn’t ‘though
Reema Huzair was an artist model one time
A florist and a show girl, sublime
Reema Huzair and i watched several episodes of “The Fugitive” see
Reema Huzair knows Aikaedo she practically says “Don’t mess with me”
Reema Huzair is Bisexual
And quite the intellectual
Reema Huzair once stole paint from a Magritte and put it in her handbag
Reema Huzair ‘though some, for you, don’t care,Life without you would be a drag!
Reema Huzair would love to go
To The Galapagos Islands tomorrow
Reema Huzair is an artist and a vegetarian
Her Chinese star sign is Monkey
Reema Huzair gave me a quorn sausage once
and one of her drawings, she really is funky!
And i gave her one of my paintings
Reema Huzair has anger management issues
When i broke down one night she was there with the tissues
Reema Huzair is 35
She makes me glad i am alive
Reema Huzair, Reema Huzair
‘though life can be hard don’t despair
For, the Atheist God, he loves you, i swear
that’s a private joke between you and me
And really quite surreal see
Reema Huzair…

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  1. Hi Stephen, I just want to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see the poem about me on here! I am truly honoured to make it to your blog! Loving your recent additions, keep up the good work!

    p.s Where’s the picture?!

  2. By the way, my sister made it to Galapagos before me, she just came back! She got me a bracelet made of out of abandoned shells 🙂

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