I’ve Got(The Eiffel Tower In my Lounge)


eiffel tower
I’ve got The Eiffel Tower in my lounge.Not the real one you understand
No, a 6 inch souvenir, still, pride of place it does command
Right next to the Jacque Brel c.d
My Rodolphe Salis “Chat Noir” mug, see
And the “Nikon” with which i have captured Paris many times
I have The Eiffel Tower in my living room.Sublime!
Looking out my window
At the view…it’s not hard to feel low
But how priviliged i am to have The Eiffel Tower in my living room
Yes, my friend, having this memento of my favourite city lifts the gloom
And it makes me want to jump on a “Eurostar” train
And photograph the real mccoy and La Seine
I’ll just have to make do with a 10 Euro imitation
’til i can find the means of working my way to Gare Du Nord station
Oui, stunning mademoiselle
Isn’t my fake Eiffel Tower swell?
I’ll take you to South Kensington and buy you flowers
Have croissant avec jam and talk about The Eiffel Tower
Le Bastille, Arc Du Triomphe, Place Des Vosges, too
Or we can make sweet music in my place and ignore the view
Oui, mademoiselle, the evening may lead to romance
Cause in my lounge i have an iconic symbol of France
Got The Eiffel Tower in my flat
How about that!


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