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zz top
Rockers with very long beards
A drummer without one called Frank Beard!
ZZ TOP are decidedly wierd
ZZ TOP have been entertaining us all now for Donkey’s years
Won’t you watch the video for “T.V Dinners” washed down with a few beers
“Legs”, “Thug”, “Sharp Dressed Man”, “My Head’s In Mississippi”, “Afterburner”
ZZ TOP still going strong, a nice little earner
The hits won’t stop
Their concerts, sell outs…Out to shock
The Salvador Dali’s of rock
A refreshing change from all this manufactured pop
that comes our way
these days
ZZ TOP, they did it all first
ZZ TOP, their bubble won’t burst
L.A next stop
Then Berlin or Tokyo
London, Paris, Chicago



popular rogues
I have never been popular
But i don’t mind
For, when i think who is popular
in this world it blows my mind!
1000 people
went to The Krays funeral
And they were scum!
The royals are popular too
And that scoundrel Tony Blair
Maggie Thatcher as well
And Hitler was “Time” magazine’s Man of The Year
And Chelsea fans worship Abrahamovich
but he is a rogue and quite pathetic
Even if you’ve got no friends
and your family hate you too
Does that make you a bad person?
For, families can be strange
some people just can’t connect
And a dog will always show you affection
So f*** popularity i say

How Do You Measure Success?


How do you measure success
I used to say i was a survivor
But not an achiever
I had it drummed into me at school
That i was a loser and a fool
Then one day a man who had a degree
From Cambridge said to me
“How do you measure success?”
Is it having 10 million in the bank? some would say yes
Van Gogh never sold a painting
When he was living
And spent half his formative years
In Institutions it would appear
But now everyone knows his name
Shame he had to die to achieve fame
None of us really know our own fate
If you wake up alive that’s cause to celebrate
If you have friends and contribute to society
By writing poetry or managing your sobriety
Is that not worth shouting from the rooftops?
Remember compared to Bill Gates Or Richard Branson,we’re all flops!
And while sometimes i’m cursed by self doubt, should i not forget…
That Alan Sugar hasn’t an “O” level either, so there’s hope for me yet
And if you are
A humble busker
At least you’re working
Not begging
‘Though Cameron or a Yuppy would not be impressed
With the shit hand life dealt me i have done my best
So i have a clear conscience
And it makes a mockery and a nonsense
Of their bullshit
They are the real social inadequates
Nothing more than obnoxious gits!
How do you measure success?

Sexy Anarchists


sexy anarchists
Sexy Anarchists
I just can’t resist
Some Brazillian girl
With her hair in curls
Waltzing down Notting Hill, sporting a red beret
Che Guevara t-shirt and combats, hey!
Posh women from Chelsea can f*** off!
Of sexy anarchists i can’t get enough
Tall blonde Anarchist German men
In their scarves of Dinamo Dresden
Or Lokomotiv Leipzig, Hertha Berlin
Bisexuality the best of both worlds
Some would say a greedy sexuality too
Having fun in the sun exploring the human zoo
Animal magnetism
Sexy Anarchism
Rage never turned me on as much as this
An A.L.F senorita in bed, Sheer bliss!
Somerset: Rapidly getting pissed
In an orchard with a stunning anarchist
Called Karl or Deborah, Mikhael or Suzanne
Of sexy 20 something Anarchists, i’m a fan
Now, some Police women may be real beauties
But i prefer left winger’s such a tease!
Sexy Anarchist lady
In Pyjammas or silk neglige
Sexy Pavel from Prague in the shower
Stunning Mademoiselle next to the Eiffel Tower
Campaigning against Corporate take overs
With her splendid lesbian lover
And Claire, oh, Claire
With your fist in the air
Outside Buckingham Palace on a scorching July day
Ripped vest, 34 c chest, shouting “Abolish The Monarchy!”
Citizen Smith from the 70’s, now he was a hunk
Japanese former Geisha, now gone and joined the Tokyo Punks
Sexy Anarchists make life exciting
What are they up to this week?
Stunning Stefano outside a bank in Genoa
Perfect physique!
Sexy Trotskyites
On the back of motorbikes
In glorious Havana
If it breaks down
you can always borrow my spanner

Sexy Anarchists fighting the good fight
Anarchist “babe” from Oslo good night
Let me tuck you into bed. I could be your hot water bottle
Then up with the rooster tomorrow, ready for battle
Gotta save the seals and the Whales
And i can console you when big business prevails
With a snog and a d.v.d
Of Billy Connolly
Sexy Anarchists….

Living Well Is The Best Revenge


living well, the best revenge!

I was bullied at school
But my life since then has been pretty cool
Lonely though i am and residing in the Eastend
I have plenty of possessions and at least i have friends
I often go to Old Trafford too
To see victories for my beloved Man.U
I travel the world as well
If i had a girlfriend life would be swell
And it would be great if i could sell my art
Be a published writer, really look the part
But i eat nice food so i can’t complain
And i don’t even mind the London rain
As Michael Stipe a gay man, who may have been bullied too, once said
“Living Well Is The Best Revenge” and though broke today, i could be dead
Yes things could be worse so i don’t need your pity
Could be homeless in the Strand or living in Haiti
And if things, they get too much for me
Can always relax with a Mister Bean d.v.d
I believe one day my boat will come in
An Anthology in “Waterstones”, exhibitions in Berlin
Spitalfields and Paris also
Hate to say “I told you so”
But i’ve proved the doubters wrong
Michael you were right all along
“Living Well Is The Best Revenge”

Waiting For The Rain


waiting for the rain
Feel the Ethiopian man’s pain
Hasn’t eaten for days, waiting for the rain
So he can feed his family
Put an end to his misery
The parched deserts of East africa
Where the nomadic peoples really suffer
Live Aid just a distant memory
Still haunted by those images on t.v
Feel a father’s pain
Still waiting for the rain